Sharper films


Hello and Welcome.

I am Sandra Harper.

Some years ago now I was fortunate enough to travel the world for three months. During those months, I had some wonderful experiences that I referred to as 'boxed moments'. Moments that seemed so magical and special that I wanted to wrap them up and keep them in a box and not let them go. Memories fade and the essence of what makes a moment really special can start to fade too.

Your wedding will contain many magical moments. Moments that are so very special, you will want those moments to be 'boxed' too. Photographs can help keep those special memories alive but snapshots of those moments alone are not as powerful as the ability to relive those moments through film.

When you look back at your wedding film in years to come, you'll notice the little things you were never aware of before. Things like how graceful your grandmother was, how your grandfather's eyes twinkled, the way your youthful self moved on the dance floor but perhaps the most poignant thing is seeing the people we love captured on film forever. Film is such a powerful medium, when you watch your wedding film back, it will be like reliving that magical day and not only reliving it, but having the ability to share it with your children and their children.

Some things grow in value as they age. A wedding film is one of those things, becoming more precious as the years pass.

Filming and editing Wedding Films for me is a labour of love and ultimately a work of art. I love putting a piece together. Choosing how it all fits, adding the music and audio, colour grading and seeing the fruits of my labour come back to life.

Often wedding films are an afterthought and certainly things have moved on from the wedding films of old. Cinematic images together with a beautiful soundtrack will evoke happiness and emotions contained in your 'boxed moments'... your wedding film.


I have made films purely for pleasure since my early twenties (so quite a while ago!). I have always had the ability to capture images that maybe others might miss. I see things... but more importantly I notice things. I am always mindful as to what scenes are going to make wonderful images on film. I also took a Higher National Diploma in Visual Communications at Gloucester shire College of Art and Technology.

A Wedding Highlights Movie typically lasts approximately 20-25 minutes long, just the right length for you to watch it over and over, probably on repeat! 

My fee of £950 includes licensing fees for copyrighted music.

This includes my attendance from bridal preparation, right through to some great dance floor action towards the end of the evening.  

The film is cut, edited and graded to give it that wow factor. I LOVE using the right music for the right shots which really makes for some powerful emotions when watching the film back.